Frequent Questions

Here we try to answer the most common questions our clients generally ask us

We provide a 24hour on-call/support system for all our clients and or emerging clients.

We deliver our care, using a holistic approach (i.e., we ensure that our care package focus on
all aspects of human needs like spirituality, emotional, physical, psychological etc.) Care plans
are drawn out using person centred approach.

We look after anyone looking for any level of care/support. Our recruitment process focuses
on the needs of the individual. Staff are recruited and employed according to the level of need of the

Anyone (private and public funding clients) can access our services, for as long as we can
meet their needs.

To be treated with dignity, respect, afforded choice and a high standard of care.

Frequent Questions

If you have a question not addressed here please contact us and we will be happy to help

If a candidate is successful at interview level, they are Garda vetted, references sought. When this process is completed, staff go on a thorough site-specific training. Trained is pitched at the client’s needs.

If you are not happy with the level of care you are getting, feel free to contact the office and the office will address your complaint immediately.

Different complaints have difficult responses. If the complaint is a safeguarding issue, staff will be removed from site whilst investigations are underwear. A safeguarding case will be reported accordingly to protect and ensure safety of the vulnerable individual.

Where possible our clients are involved (directly or indirectly) in the recruitment and selection of their care staff. All clients are given the opportunity to articulate their gender preference. We promote and respect choice at HHCI.

In an emergency situation whereby, a client requires a staff member to stay longer than the contracted hours, the office should be notified for insurance purposes. A staff member can then stay longer or until when the emergency situation is dealt with.

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